It’s not easy drinking green

kermit smoothie meme

I’m generally a supporter of anything that promotes health and wellness, especially within my own community as health disparities are a very real thing.  This has led to me adopting a general openness to new experiences, including becoming a green smoothie enthusiast!

green smoothie

I was first introduced to green smoothies a few years ago, and since then have perfected a very simple recipe that doesn’t require fancy equipment (a simple blender will do) and that tastes pretty good to boot!  So when I was recently invited to join a friend of mine on her 7-day green smoothie challenge, I was so down.  When she presented the idea, all I heard was ‘Challonge!’ and I was all like:


I woke up on Day 1 and whipped up four mason jars full of green smoothie goodness to take with me throughout the day.  Bananas, frozen strawberries and spinach went into the blender, and I excitedly awaited their consumption along with the resulting energy boost.  I even thought I was cute and created a video short to post (thanks iMovie!) on instagram to share about my green smoothie challenge, hoping to entice others I knew to join me for 7 whole days of nothing but green smoothies.  Turn down for what?!
Needless to say, I got very few takers, most likely because others more quickly realized that a green smoothie challenge during cold weather months is probably not the most fun idea.  Now, this isn’t to say that the feat is impossible.  Hardly!  But it takes a lot to come home after a long cold day (& I live in lovely Wisconsin…smh) and happily reach for something cold for dinner.  Sadly – those few beginning instagram posts were all I contributed during that 7-day stretch, as I failed miserably at just drinking green smoothies for the entire duration.  Now, I did manage to consciously consume 1-2 green smoothies per day during that time period, which is more than I usually consume.  I also became more focused on what else I could do to support my reaching optimal/health wellness.
Overall, the challenge was a fail, but I am now intent on maintaining a diet and activity level that will result in preservation of the sexy.  One of the most enjoyable (and empowering) fitness activities that I’ve participated in in the past was pole fitness, and I have my eye on some local class offerings.  We’ll see what the future holds, until then – stay tuned 😉