You don’t appreciate what you have…..until it’s gone

I didn't begin to appreciate the consistent intensity of Jack Bauer until nearly 3 years after '24' left the air.

I didn’t begin to appreciate the consistent intensity of Jack Bauer until nearly 3 years after ’24’ left the air.

*proceeds to blow dust from this blog*

It has been seven months and exactly one day since I’ve shared on this blog….and true to the title of this post, you really don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone*.  By that I mean this blog had become a cathartic release for me – a place where my creative juices, overactive imagination, and flights of randomness could coexist in harmony and without judgment.  But time demands, career changes, and just plain-ole’ trying to figure out life has led me away from posting on a regular basis.  In the time that I’ve been away, so much has happened (including my turning the big 3-0 *gasp*) and I truly regret not documenting my experiences in real time……at minimum so that I can look back at this point in time in my life in the future and chuckle at the person that I’ve allowed myself to be 😉  At any rate, I have immensely missed regularly writing, and rather than continue the ’24’ marathon that I have currently paused on ‘Netflix’** – I’ve decided to wipe away the cobwebs and begin anew with posting.  So here I am on this day after “Mass Genocide Appreciation Day” (i.e. Columbus Day), seven months wiser and motivated to write again as I continue my pursuit of normalcy within my differentially defined bounds.  Stay tuned!

* This statement continued to ring true as I remembered that, earlier today while filling my gas tank, I threw away a baggie containing yogurts that I packed as snack the day before along with the spoon that I packed with the yogurts.  That spoon will be missed,the yogurts…..not so much.

**I greatly admire that the show captures commercial breaks in their clock countdowns.  Guessing the amount of time that has transpired during commercials has become a fun guessing game for my friends and I while watching the show.

The New Year is upon us, time to let ish go! ….& it’s Friday too ;)

fresh prince gif

This is me right now, because I’m no longer blowing my nose every 5 seconds from a cold that I believe was transmitted from one of my darling nieces or nephew over the Christmas holiday…..that & because, it’s FRIDAY!!!  Did you miss me?  I took some time away from you lovelies to enjoy time with my fam (which included dancing until I was sore to Dance Central 3 – you can’t see me on ‘Da Butt’), and to reflect on the start of a new year.  I’m excited about 2013, as it’s the year I turn 30 (a legit adult!), embark on some interesting creative endeavors, and ultimately continue to progress in chasing down dreams.  I’m working to put some things into place to facilitate the completion of my goals for the year, and in doing so, have identified things that have hindered my progress in the past.  Here are some things that I’ve been able to identify that I want to let go of in the new year:

  • Procrastination – ahh, we’ve been tight like a grip for many years, you and I.  But you really weren’t that great of a friend, as you had me to believe that waiting to the last minute actually worked to my advantage, because I “work well under pressure”.  Pish tosh!  To that, I say ‘Nay’ good sir – as I end my relationship with you.  In 2013, I will strive to complete tasks early – no matter how seemingly unappealing – so that I can move on to the next in an organized & timely fashion.  I will also not stress myself out over how “difficult” something may seem, nor will I use that stress as justification to put things off.  Shoot, I’m highly capable and with God there’s nothing I can’t do…….and that’s all I have to say about that *drops mic*
  • Past – *picks mic back up*, so maybe everything in your life didn’t work out quite how you planned or expected.  Big whoop – you still have an amazing life and so many things to be appreciative of, and while you wallow in the past you’re missing out on the amazingness that’s taking place right now!  Learn from past mistakes and victories and use those lessons as tools for personal growth & advancement to the future you desire.  Also leave room for God to make alterations to your plans – and trust the outcome.  Bottom line: move on & enjoy/appreciate where you are & what you’ve been given.  No regrets & no excuses!
  • People – I know you can be a little sensitive at times, and you have a big ol’ heart, but that does not justify allowing people to influence your perspective.  So maybe he wasn’t the one, or she let you down…..ok, and?  No one is perfect, yourself included *gasp*, so you might as well get over the idea now that there is a single person in this world who will never dissapoint or hurt you.  Ok, so it happened – what are you going to do about it?  You could either internalize those negative feelings and become an angry & resentful person – basically the opposite of who you are….OR, you could simply choose to love.  Love when it hurts, when it doesn’t, when it’s reciprocated & when it’s not.  You LOVE – 24/7, all day, erryday* – LOVE!  It might be hard, and you might feel like crying or uppercutting someone during the process – but you keep loving and watch how your response not only positively impacts you, but the people around you too.  And fully expect to receive back every bit of love that you dish out…and then some.  God recognizes those who choose to walk in love – guaranteed!

So yep, I’m looking forward to starting the New Year off right!  Enjoy this first weekend of 2013, here are some events happening in and around the RVA area.  Also, enjoy this go-go classic while I try to remember all of the choreography that ‘Dance Central 3’ taught me *starts stretching*.  Have a fabu Friday!

*The misspelling of ‘everyday’ in this sentence was intentional, as I felt the need to pay homage to the unique speech patterns commonly found in my area of origin – the DC Metropolitan Area (otherwise known as the DMV).  Stand up!

Countdown to 2013!

It’s the first Monday in December, which means the official countdown to 2013 has begun!  Wow, this year has literally flown by for me, and there are still things that I planned to accomplish this year that I have yet to do.  Maybe you can relate, and if so, we have 29 days and counting to complete our tasks.  Who’s with me?  I’m tasking myself with creating a (realistic) list to check-off once I have done everything I set out to do.  I need the visual reminder, and will share said reminder next week.  In the meantime, be inspired to give your all to finishing 2012 strong with one of my fav songs by Goapele.  Her hair is so ca-yoot!  Have a fabu week 🙂