Isn’t it ironic…..don’t you think?

I’m in a ‘Jagged Little Pill’ kind of mood tonight.  It just seems like a lot is happening right now, and the upcoming holidays aren’t exactly helping my continual attempts to maintain balance in my life.  As much as I love spending time with my family (they are a pretty cool bunch, I must say), I would equally-as-much love to just have a peaceful quiet solo Thanksgiving – spent in bed with Chipotle & Netflix *insert fist pump*.  Ironic to some maybe…..but not so much to me.  I value my solo time like a prized possession.  Alas, my presence is expected elsewhere and my attempts at trying to provide some semblance of an alternate explanation for my desired whereabouts are being sorely misunderstood…..because people want to see me and I’m supposed to help cook…….& I don’t even particularly like to cook……  Le sigh.  And so I will be making the trek to fulfill my familial duties for the day & my solo vacay will have to be put on ‘pause’ for another occasion.  In the meantime, having Alanis to sing/scream along with in the car will certainly help make the car trip that much more enjoyable 🙂