And so it begins….

I guess a ‘Hi’ is in order *insert wave*.  I’m Angie and I’ve started this blog for two reasons: 1) I like writing, and 2) I wanted a creative outlet.  I’ve kinda dug writing since childhood, and even remember the first short story I wrote in the third grade entitled “Pollution needs a Solution”….wow, I was on my way to solving environmental crises at the the tender age of 8, lol!  As time passed, I fell out of “like” with writing as grown-up responsibilities took her place.  But now writing and I are trying to get that old thing back 🙂  This blog is one of those avenues through which I hope to rekindle our relationship, and to get some other things out.  I started another blog a few months ago that was a fun project for awhile (it allowed my random side to run free…wheeeeee!), but felt creatively limited content-wise.  Until one day, a different norm was born.  The name itself was so fitting for me.  I’ve been considered a little weird throughout my life and have even identified with that label….but ultimately realized that I was just being myself.  So now, as I stare 30 down in the face, I’ve come to terms with being me.  Authentically, slightly weird at times, clumsy, nerdy, analytical, goofy, creative me.  And this is my blog….welcome!