Get Your Life – I’m a Pinterest Party Planner!

home alone merry christmas

It’s Tuesday, and not just any Tuesday – it’s exactly one week before Christmas – let the countdown begin *insert fist pump*! ¬†I just started checking off my Christmas list yesterday, and hope to be done by the end of this week *insert another fist pump* – though I really don’t have a choice, seeing as Christmas is next week ūüėČ ¬†With the holiday season being in full swing, I have relied heavily on the interwebs for inspiration on gifts, recipes and even outfits for holiday parties. ¬†I mentioned before some amazing sites that have been super helpful to me accomplishing some holiday goals (here), but today I really want to give one site in particular a special shout-out: Pinterest – I heart thee! ¬†Seriously, Pinterest is very resourceful for a host of holiday needs, as it is essentially an online pinboard where users can post images of things that interest them. ¬†Still trying to figure out what to give someone for Christmas – Pinterest can give you ideas. ¬†Need a recipe for your holiday party – Pinterest has got your back. ¬†Looking for inspiration for a classy (or tacky) Christmas party outfit – look no further, Pinterest is here! ¬†Seriously, I have looked to Pinterest for all of the above. ¬†I even got the idea for a dish (shrimp & grits baby!) I contributed to my office’s annual holiday party from Pinterest – and it was a big hit! ¬† So yeah, I loves me some Pinterest, and will eventually be starting up a page of my own. ¬†But for now, ¬†I will enjoy the pins of others. ¬†If you’re still in need of some inspiration this holiday season, I highly encourage you to do a google search and include ‘Pinterest’ in your title – and I guarantee you’ll find something useful – or at least intriguing…..kinda like this pic I found of a Batman birthday cake:

batman belt cake

Hmmm……this might work for my 30th……. ¬†Anywho, enjoy your Christmas Countdown (along with this 90’s Christmas throwback by N*Sync…my Lord this video was cheesy, but I love them still) – and have a fabu rest of the day!