Get Your Life – Christmas Spending

14 days til christams

Today marks exactly two weeks before we are to be visited by the fat man (allegedly) and Christmas will be upon us!  I am so not ready for the holidays, lol, and don’t even have my little fiber-optic tree up yet, smh…..get it together Angie!  But one thing I’m happy to report that I have accomplished is my Christmas spending plan.  I am a strong supporter of the real meaning behind Christmas *cue the Jackson 5’s rendition of ‘Give Love on Christmas Day’*, but also want to provide my loved ones with some small token of the love that I have for them…..without completely annihilating my budget in the process 🙂  Thanks to my bff Google, and newer companions like Pinterest, Tumblr & various blogs, I have come across some very inspirational (and low budget) Christmas gifting ideas.

I’ve convinced my immediate fam and close friends that we should do a Secret Santa gift exchange, to avoid having to get gifts for multiple individuals.  We’ve also placed a price cap on our gift exchange, to foster creativity and conscientious-spending.  If you’re friends & fam aren’t in the same area, sites like can help make the gift exchange process a bit easier.

The kiddies in my family (and there are a lot of them now…..6 total under the age of 7!) will be getting a S’mores gift basket from their Awesome Auntie, complete with a kid-friendly book that they can read with their parents whilst eating their S’mores.  I love S’mores, takes me back to my days as a Girl Scout 🙂  HGTV gives a really cute instructional on creating your own S’mores kit.

And lastly, coworkers of mine (the core team) will be gifted with a coffee mug and a nice set of coffees – courtesy of Target.  I plan to divide up a mug set among the six of them, and nicely package each set in gift wrapping.  This Pinterest also contained some amazing DIY gift ideas for coworkers.  Tis the season to show love whilst expressing creativity!

I hope you all enjoy this holiday season, including the gift-giving process.  I would like to leave you today with the soothing sounds of JD & Turk as they talk/sing the Christmas classic ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’… these guys 🙂  Have a fabu day!

Inspired – The Uniform Project

Happy Monday Everybody!

I love hearing stories of people who are truly selfless in the sense that they are motivated to make a difference in the life of someone else, and who are ballsy enough to believe that they can make a difference as evidenced by their taking action.  Such is the case when it comes to Sheen Matheiken of the Uniform Project, who was inspired to challenge herself to an exercise in sustainable fashion (which is very much in line with my minimalist desires) and successfully raised thousands of dollars to educate underprivileged children in India in the process.  Stories like Matheiken seriously begs the question: “What ideas do you have that could make a tremendous difference in someone’s life…..including your own?”  I have an idea that I’ve been mulling over that I hope to launch next year, and will continue to highlight stories of people who inspire & motivate me and hope that you too receive inspiration.  Have a fabu Monday & rest of the week!


It’s Friday!!!!!

Home Alone Excited GIF

….don’t act like you don’t know what day it is…..

It’s FRIDAY!!  Last weekend was pretty amazing, and I look forward to this weekend being even more epic.  Why?  For two reasons: 1) I’m going to my homey’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Bday Party on Saturday, followed by 2) a FREE comedy show Sunday night 🙂  And on top of that, I’m knocking items off of my ‘End 2012 Strong’ to-do list….go ME!  If you don’t have plans for the weekend, here are some events happening in and around Richmond:

  • RVA Grooves ft. Amel Larrieux (formerly of Groove Theroy) on Fri Dec 7th

…and my fav Groove Theory Song (Bryce’s eyebrows are pure perfection….jealous): 


I *heart* the music on!

I’m easily amused, and can pretty much find something to laugh hysterically about every day, lol!  Case in point: a friend who knows about my random fits of amusement shared with me recently about his shared love for the hold music that is played by  For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of participating in a call – I strongly encourage you to do it today.  Your life will forever be changed.  The music that they play while you wait for the rest of the callers to join your call is so catchy.  I would actually look forward to being the first caller on the line for the sole purpose of “singing” along to the song……in spite of the song having no words……  Trust me, this will all make more sense to you once you’ve experienced the magic of the hold music, I promise you.  The previously mentioned friend also stumbled upon this gem: a video of a contestant from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ dancing to our beloved hold music!  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to my next conference call – as I have some new moves to try out *starts stretching*, lol!  Have a great Thursday 🙂


Today I’m not feeling overly inspired to write, and I’m not one to force something just for kicks & giggles.  Instead – I’m going to keep it short & sweet and share one of my favorite songs: ‘Gravity’ by John Mayer.  I have loved this song ever since the Acoustic version popped up on my Pandora station one day.  The dreamer in me can relate to feeling the weight of gravity (e.g., societal expectations & norms), as it’s not in my nature to be “practical” or “realistic” – not when my perspective offers so much more.  Bottom line, I’m anti-gravity and instead committed to pursuing my passions.  I have and probably will continue to make mistakes along the way – but I refuse to allow fear to cause me to give up on the journey.  As the song goes, “just keep me where the light is”.  That light, for me, is my relationship with God – and with Him, there’s nothing that I can not do.  Have a fabu Hump-Day!

Get Your Life – Room Edition


I have a problem, and have had this problem since childhood.  For some reason, I have had the hardest time keeping my room clean.  I think my problem has continued due to a combination of factors:

  1. having too much stuff (my size hasn’t changed much in the past decade, leaving me with clothes from high school that I can still fit)
  2. my work schedule (I work a lot, and the last thing I want to do when I come home after a long day is put away the clothes that have taken up residence on my bed), and
  3. not really caring (in all honesty, I have enjoyed the freedom that single child-free living has afforded me – which includes organizing when I get good & ready *folds arms indignantly*)

While I understand what has contributed to my current (messy) state, I think it’s time for a change.  It would be kind of cool to start putting my outfits together by looking in my closet instead of rifling through the pile I keep on my bed.  I’ve started going blog perusing to help me in my steps to recovery, and have really gravitated towards those that focus on minimalism.  Who knew there were people who actually don’t have a desire to accumulate stuff?  I have started to follow several of these blogs and plan to put some of their suggestions into practice (like the one-for-one principle, where any new item of clothing that is bought has to replace something old).

I’m stoked about pursuing minimalism, as it will ultimately result in less stuff for me to clean-clean, and less purchases means more ching-ching.  Winning!  And when my room is finally clean, I’m going to be so like this:

tina fey dance gif

Get it Tina!  I will be providing updates as my room organization project unfolds.  In the meantime, check out these blogs for some minimalist inspiration:

The Everyday Minimalist

Buy Nothing New for a Year

The Minimalistas

Countdown to 2013!

It’s the first Monday in December, which means the official countdown to 2013 has begun!  Wow, this year has literally flown by for me, and there are still things that I planned to accomplish this year that I have yet to do.  Maybe you can relate, and if so, we have 29 days and counting to complete our tasks.  Who’s with me?  I’m tasking myself with creating a (realistic) list to check-off once I have done everything I set out to do.  I need the visual reminder, and will share said reminder next week.  In the meantime, be inspired to give your all to finishing 2012 strong with one of my fav songs by Goapele.  Her hair is so ca-yoot!  Have a fabu week 🙂