Today I’m not feeling overly inspired to write, and I’m not one to force something just for kicks & giggles.  Instead – I’m going to keep it short & sweet and share one of my favorite songs: ‘Gravity’ by John Mayer.  I have loved this song ever since the Acoustic version popped up on my Pandora station one day.  The dreamer in me can relate to feeling the weight of gravity (e.g., societal expectations & norms), as it’s not in my nature to be “practical” or “realistic” – not when my perspective offers so much more.  Bottom line, I’m anti-gravity and instead committed to pursuing my passions.  I have and probably will continue to make mistakes along the way – but I refuse to allow fear to cause me to give up on the journey.  As the song goes, “just keep me where the light is”.  That light, for me, is my relationship with God – and with Him, there’s nothing that I can not do.  Have a fabu Hump-Day!

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