I ain’t no punk…..anymore…….

I’m easily amused but not as easily entertained & get frustrated at the number of channels available and yet the lack of interesting programming (except on Thursday night when Scandal comes on – I stan for Olivia Pope & her lip quiver).  The interwebs now has become my go-to source for entertainment, and thanks to Netflix – I don’t even have to deal with regular TV.  Take that Comcast!  I’ve rediscovered the classic ‘The X-Files’, a show which freaked me out as a kid (even the theme song is creepy) but is intriguing & satisfies my “whodunit/mystery-solving/kept-on-my-toes” proclivities.  I can easily see myself becoming a fan & I’m only 3 episodes in 🙂  I’m also now drawn to finding shows/movies that maybe I wasn’t quite ready for 20+ years ago.  Ok….I was a little (as in a lot) afraid of a few things as a kid.  Which leads me to the topic of today’s random post, a show that really scared me at the tender age of 8: Rescue 911.

For those of you who don’t remember this gem of a PSA turned program hosted by Mr. Priceline himself, Rescue 911 was an informational reality-based TV series that ran from 1989 to 1996.  My fond memories of this show primarily span sometime during the years 1991-1992.  I was in the third grade and for some reason, my then teacher (Ms. Walker) thought it was a good idea to show her class of precocious third graders ‘Rescue 911’ on a weekly basis.  I’m sure her intentions were good, in that she wanted to promote safe behaviors among her students.  But from my 8 year old perspective, it made me afraid of being the victim of a freak accident – like a garage door falling on me or becoming trapped on an escalator.  On top of that, I’ve never been a fan of blood & gore (& I’m still not…..waited until Kill Bill came on cable before I would watch it), and even though Rescue 911 was arguably rated G….it still was pretty scary to my young eyes.  I actually remember crying in class on a few occasions because I really didn’t want to watch the show…

After facing my fears & watching (and actually liking) a few episodes of  ‘The X-Files’, I mustered up the courage to search for ‘Rescue 911’.  Youtube did not dissapoint, and as an adult the show actually proves to be informative on important issues like safety, accident prevention, and the loudness of the colors worn in the early 90s.  Go me for punching fear in the face *insert fist pump*!  So the lessons I’ve learned on my brief trip down memory lane are:

1. Things can take on a different perspective over time (I might want to revisit all of those old movies that I was scared to watch as a kid, like ‘The Terminator’, ‘Jurassic Park’, anything with aliens, and the list goes on….),

2. Youtube & Netflix are amazing resources for locating classic 90’s shows and movies,

3. Parents, for the love of all things sacred, PLEASE watch your children around escalators.  Erase that….just watch your kids…period, and

4. I’m not going to let fear make me it’s punk!

To conclude today’s random posting, I’d like to share a more positive childhood memory from one of my (still) favorite movies of all time: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze.  I so had a crush on Michaelangelo, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.  (Note to self: must raid Walmart bargain movie bin for a copy of this movie…)  Love how they break it down at 5:14 – Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!  Have a great Thursday 🙂


I *heart* the music on FreeConferenceCall.com!

I’m easily amused, and can pretty much find something to laugh hysterically about every day, lol!  Case in point: a friend who knows about my random fits of amusement shared with me recently about his shared love for the hold music that is played by freeconferencecall.com.  For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of participating in a freeconferencecall.com call – I strongly encourage you to do it today.  Your life will forever be changed.  The music that they play while you wait for the rest of the callers to join your call is so catchy.  I would actually look forward to being the first caller on the line for the sole purpose of “singing” along to the song……in spite of the song having no words……  Trust me, this will all make more sense to you once you’ve experienced the magic of the freeconferencecall.com hold music, I promise you.  The previously mentioned friend also stumbled upon this gem: a video of a contestant from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ dancing to our beloved hold music!  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to my next conference call – as I have some new moves to try out *starts stretching*, lol!  Have a great Thursday 🙂

Black Baby

I realized that it’s been seven whole days (cue Mary J. Blige) since my last posting.  In that time I did decide to go home for Thanksgiving, and had an amazing time with family and friends 🙂  The holidays took away some of my writing juices, but now I’m back!  In honor of Random Thursday, I present a tale of randomness from my previous experience in blogging.  Have a fabu Thursday!


A friend of mine has a very distinct smell.  It’s not like he smells funky or anything, it’s actually quite pleasant, but it’s a smell that is specific to him and that is noticeable whenever he’s around.  One day we’re riding in the car and I turn to him and ask, “Has anyone ever told you that you smell like babies?”  He gives me this weird look, as if to question why I would even ask him that, but then answers “No, no one has ever told me that I smell like babies before.”  Feeling as though I’ve offended him, I reply “It’s not a bad baby smell, you have a good, clean, fresh baby smell.”  The conversation continues a little something like this:

Him: “It must be the lotion I use, I use Palmer’s cocoa butter.”

Me: “Oh, well I must have been around babies who use that same lotion.”

Him: “So what you’re saying is that you’ve been around black babies.”

Me: “Yes, I have been around black babies!  That’s it, you have a black baby smell”

We then spent the rest of the car ride coming up with circa 1970s cocoa butter product slogans, which we started referring to as simply ‘black baby’ – for when you want to whoop that ash.

Isn’t it ironic…..don’t you think?

I’m in a ‘Jagged Little Pill’ kind of mood tonight.  It just seems like a lot is happening right now, and the upcoming holidays aren’t exactly helping my continual attempts to maintain balance in my life.  As much as I love spending time with my family (they are a pretty cool bunch, I must say), I would equally-as-much love to just have a peaceful quiet solo Thanksgiving – spent in bed with Chipotle & Netflix *insert fist pump*.  Ironic to some maybe…..but not so much to me.  I value my solo time like a prized possession.  Alas, my presence is expected elsewhere and my attempts at trying to provide some semblance of an alternate explanation for my desired whereabouts are being sorely misunderstood…..because people want to see me and I’m supposed to help cook…….& I don’t even particularly like to cook……  Le sigh.  And so I will be making the trek to fulfill my familial duties for the day & my solo vacay will have to be put on ‘pause’ for another occasion.  In the meantime, having Alanis to sing/scream along with in the car will certainly help make the car trip that much more enjoyable 🙂

Share…….I’d rather not

This is the first entry of a series I’d like to call – ‘Random Thursday’, where I will post the random conversations that are shared among friends and within my head.  I’m pretty random….and so are my friends – so you should expect a new entry every week, along with some recycled postings from my previous random-loving blog.  Enjoy 🙂

So I’m visiting a friend of mine for a fun night over one of our favorite shows – SVU.  We stan for Benson, and our shared love is one of the threads that holds our friendship together.  My friend happened to be eating a Subway sub upon my arrival at his place, and being the polite young man that he tries to present himself to be, he offers me some of his sandwich.  I was kind of hungry, and gladly accepted – to which he gave me a disappointed and slightly angry face.  “Did you just Theo Dance Mania me?” I asked him.  He looks at me, laughing before replying ‘Yes’, and then proceeds to cut the half of the sandwich previously given to me  into fourths.  I gave him the side-eye before eating my fourth of a sandwich – which was absolutely delish, and learned a valuable lesson from this whole ordeal.  One, Subway sandwiches are the bomb.com, and two, never expect a friend’s food offer to be given with joy.  Yes they may give you their food, but they won’t be happy about it…..at least the greedy ones won’t be.

Theo Dance Mania

Theo & Cockroach – Dance Mania